Mfura Foundation calls parents, families and communities to cater for teen mothers’ wellbeing

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Different publications revealed that teen mothers face a lot of difficulties which result in health and social-economic consequences that include Stigma or rejection by parents and local communities, threats of violence; Early school dropout leading to lack of education and training needed to compete in the job market, thereby resulting in lower incomes for the teen mothers and perpetuating cycles of poverty.

MFURA Foundation calls for the communities and parents in particular to prevent teen mothers from all these threats to health that also include malnutrition, undernutrition, and stunting among their descendants.

For a better success, MFURA FOUNDATION aims at mobilizing the community and raising awareness towards the danger being faced by teen mothers as well as their descendants, identifying teen mothers and assessing their needs; re-integrating teen mothers in the society and Improving livelihoods of teen mothers and their kids.

Marie Clarisse Mfurayabo, Founder and Country Director of MFURA Foundation urges Parents, Families and Local Communities to work hand in hand with the organization so that they have a common understanding on the issues affecting teen mothers’ lives.

“Parents, Families and Local Communities should be aware that MFURA Foundation cannot achieve its mission and objectives without working hand in hand with them to have a common understanding on issues pertaining to teen mothers and take appropriate actions to tackle various challenges encountered by teen mothers; to prevent teen mothers birth repeats and pregnancies.” Mfurayabo advised.

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