By MFURA Foundation Team

Early Motherhood, struggle and smiles: the tale of Teen Mothers of MFURA Foundation

Early motherhood that complicated their lives as Teen Mothers at younger age was their first bad experience that also made them to lose hope of a good future.

Speaking their current stories now brings an emotional spirit and happiness because they have got an opportunity to be heard, morally and physically assisted. Thanks to MFURA Foundation Organization to be a parent of these teenagers who gave birth to other children.

The young women (Teen Mothers) who gained support from this organization can now show self-confidence coupled with smiles, as they know their future will be brighter after forgetting a tough life of raising children while being also children and through difficult life conditions.

Their current testimonies are different from what they thought would happen after they heard they are pregnant and when they gave birth, at that time, it was not easy to adapt to such an unusual experience at their age. Fortunately, MFURA Foundation helped them to become who they are today through reintegration, counseling and hands-on training in sewing in order to improve their livelihoods.

“One year ago, I heard good news that there is an organization that supports girl children who gave birth, MFURA Foundation helped me to acquire vocational training program in sewing and they shaped and oriented my thoughts, I did not have hope of another good life in my future. I was impregnated at 16 years old. MFURA Foundation helped me and my peers to be in the community and to love our children,” says one of the beneficiaries.

“Today I can sew various styles of clothes for both women and men including dresses, skirts, shorts, trousers, shirts, school uniforms and face masks among others. I will soon graduate from MFURA Foundation and with the support of a sewing machine and start-up money they will give me; I plan to start a sewing business to improve my life and my daughter’s. Many thanks to MFURA Foundation” she adds.

“Since they came to the MFURA Foundation, they were shy, stigmatized, and unhappy because of many problems inside their hearts, they could not smile anymore. While at MFURA Foundation, we heard from them, counseled them and trained them in sewing. All of them can sew many styles of clothes and their current images show smiles. Each one among them has a target and has set ways to attain it. As MFURA Foundation, we are happy for this achievement, they have a smile in their faces, a will to work, they love themselves and their children and they love their parents although there are still problems in some of their families.” Says Marie Clarisse Mfurayabo, Founder and Country Director of MFURA Foundation

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