By MFURA Foundation Team

Teen Mothers and their children health is our concern: Smart Vegetable Gardens

Earlier in April 2021, beneficiaries of MFURA Foundation were donated with smart kitchen gardens to help them combat malnutrition among their children.

The initiative is one of MFURA Foundation’s objectives to build resilience for Teen Mothers, their children as well as their parents by ensuring they live a safe and healthy life.

MFURA Foundation’s beneficiaries were first educated on theoretical framework on how they can fight malnutrition among their children. The move will prevent them from spending money to buy vegetables instead they will save it to use for other basic needs.

“Some of us are reaping from the gardens; it helps us a lot in terms of nutrition improvement and savings! For example, one who used to pay Rwf 100 or Rwf 200 for vegetables will save it to buy other needs, we grow like cabbages and other kinds of vegetables, a cabbage is Rwf 300 or Rwf 400, and this money can be saved to buy milk for children.” MFURA Beneficiary said.

“When you feed your child with vegetables, you give his/her body a chance to resist from diseases and they grow well, not only children, we also use vegetables for the benefits of the entire family with our parents.” She added.

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