Women and girls’ empowerment

We build on women and girls’ empowerment philosophy where MFURA Foundation started a program of incubating teen mothers with vocational education training in tailoring to enable them create own jobs. At their graduation ceremony, we give them a startup capital and a sewing machine for them to start income generating businesses in this regard.

Early childhood development

MFURA Foundation strives to boost Early childhood of children born from teen mothers by giving them a package of education that compiles together moral and physical discipline, skills in different subjects plus proper nutrition to prevent stunting. This has to be fulfilled through MFURA Foundation’s Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD).

Family conflicts’ prevention and resolution

This program aims at supporting the parents of the teen mothers to understand their responsibilities of taking care of children and give them proper education. This is also done through trainings that cover different topics on good parental care giving and prevention of family conflicts. We learnt that family conflicts trigger poor education of children who end up by leaving their parents and lure themselves in juvenile delinquency and early sexuality that incite early pregnancies.

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